I have been practising yoga for 16 years, but it’s only today that I do what we call a « daily self-practice ». Every morning, I need and love connecting with my body, my muscles, my bones, my organs, breath, sensations, emotions…my whole being. Feeling my body move, sweat, purify physically, mentally and emotionnally. It’s after 75 minutes of practice that I can sit and feel the « union » : the « yog » or « yug ». I left to India when I was 18 years old and lived there, studying massage, yoga and meditation. Since a very early age, I have been interested by the Healing arts, massage and expressive dance particularly. I might very well have been drawn to it because at that time, it was really hard for me to be connected to my body and sensations. These different practices have become my life guides. And now, I am sharing these precious tools with others. I think they enable us to live more harmoniously and gracefully, to be more present as well as able to let go more. I love that pose because it opens the heart and the hips. I love its grace and power. I discovered it during my training with Shiva Rea. It’s part of a Rythmic Vinyasa.