Yoga teacher, San Francisco

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Prior to finding yoga and becoming a teacher, I was a long distance runner, with the usual tightness of a runner – hamstrings, hips and quads. This all loosened up with my practice, but splits still felt like the posture that just « wasn’t for me », EVER. One day, on the fly, I tried it and was amazed that I got down in full splits. I get into new shapes with my body all of the time when I tap into a sense of curiousity or « let’s see. » Ultimately, the bodies’ ability to twist, turn and stretch, is pretty limited, so the more important lesson in getting into tricky postures like the splits is more about what it imparts on the mind. Our perceived limitations, more often than not, are just that – perceptions which may or may not bear any relationship to reality – in the literal or metaphysical sense.