« We are going to the moon that is not very far. Man has so much farther to go within himself. » Anais Nin

I have found that meditating can take a lot of forms. We have that image of a Buddha sitting, quiet and peaceful. But it could very well be a long (or short) walk in the woods. Or a moment in a park. Or simply you sitting back, closing your eyes and listening to your favorite track. The key, if that can help anyone who never really does meditate, is about allowing some time (no matter how long, just « some » time) to be with yourself and sit with what is. I love lighting a candle and then sit on a folded blanket, on a couch or on my bed. I close my eyes and start focusing on my breath only. On the quality of the inhale and the exhale. On their length too, trying to even them out. Sometimes it’s just five minutes, sometimes 20 minutes. Truth is, I don’t count. I just do it. It will take you right to that sacred, peaceful place in you. It’s always there, no matter what.

Picture by @hello_dongwon