We all have those moments when we’re not fully present, doing something while thinking of something else. And sometimes, the Universe has its own (sometimes hard) way to remind you to be « here and now ». I had a pretty tough one like this, one late evening. I was cutting wrapping paper and boxes surrounding new raw materials for one of my current creations. I had sharp scissors in hands, was talking on the phone and yes, that’s when it happened. I cut as hard as it had been cardboard. Right in the upper meaty part of a finger. It was pretty deep and started to bleed really bad. I tried to stay calm and fortunately, have tons of essential oils handy at my home. I had the ones I really needed: tee-tree, myrrh and lavender. First, I put the finger under very cold water and then held it up with paper towel. I put some ice in a plastic bag and held it tight over that. I prepared a mix of tea-tree (one of the strongest antiseptic and anti-bacterial essential oils out there, myrrh (which is a miracle healing resin that is known for accelerating skin’s ability to heal itself, renew skin cells and help stop bleeding) and lavender essential oil ( the eternal healing oil for all types of blemishes, wounds and burns, also helping stimulate skin renewal, among other incredible virtues). Once it starts bleeding a bit less, I applied a great amount of the mixture below right on the wound and slightly massaged. Then I applied a soft band-aid all around the finger. You can re-apply some of the mixture every hour and then try and keep the wound dry with no band-aid at home, but not when you go out. Be mindful. It will heal in about 5 to 6 days.

In a 50 ml bottle, mix the following:

20 ml Tamanu oil or Calophyllum Inophyllum oil
3 drops of tea-tree essential oil (melaleuca alternifolia)
5 drops of myrrh essential oil (commiphora myrrha)
4 drops of Lavender essential oil (lavandula vera)

This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Don’t use essential oils if you are pregnant or nursing. Keep them away from children and babies. Please refer to my « Do’s and Don’ts section » prior to creating my DIY recipes:)