This is a space where I share my passion for beauty, through my work and inspirations.


In 2002, I created the Paris-based ethical, organic skincare line and spa concept Doux Me. Ten year later, I sold the company in order to have the creative freedom to focus on new ventures. The following year, I wrote Seasons, my first DIY beauty book, a compilation of my favorite year-round beauty and health rituals. This book is a way of expanding green beauty awareness and encouraging self-love and healing. A second edition of the book was launched the following year and is currently available online and a few select stores.


As a creative, I work collaboratively with select brands and private clients alike to create bespoke skincare, body care, fragrance and beauty products, from concept to manufacturing. I also recently developed the Friends Collection: a project stemming from gratitude, love and art comprised of bespoke, handmade beauty products for friends. The first one is a bespoke rose oil for rock singer Cecile Cassel, AKA Hollysiz. And several other perfume oils, candles and soaps are in progress this year for certain special people in my life. I also create products to help clients promote their brands, from workshops to seminars, retreats or any kind of events.


For over 20 years, I have had a singular, strong vision in regard to beauty. This consists in offering healing, alluring and clean products to the world. I aim to propose a holistic approach to self-care. I believe that this honesty and purity can also be seductive. This is why the creation of Doux Me was so important to me: more than a line of products, it evoked a lifestyle and belief system. Namely, the understanding that what we put on our skin is just as important as what we put in our bodies and that the way they are manufactured influences our health and has an ecological impact.


I have lived in Switzerland, Belgium, South Africa and France and now divide my time between San Francisco and New York City. I have worked as a journalist, studied massage, aromatherapy and psychotherapy. My background and the cultural exposure I have accumulated over the years, combined with the strong healing art of my Ashtanga yoga practice, have provided me with skills, vision and a path, one where I create products that are healing, inspirational, timeless and ultimately beautiful – inside and out.


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