This is a magical tea to fight freezing cold, germs and dark thoughts!


3 big pieces of fresh ginger (cut into thin slices)
5 teaspoons of honey*
1 squeezed lemon juice
1/2 squeezed orange juice
1 teaspoon of loose dried thyme leaves
1 handful of fresh rosemary
1 pints of water (filtered!)

*All organic honey brands are of a high quality. My favorite honey is chestnut honey, mainly for its intense nutty flavor that I particularly enjoy but also because it actually helps blood flow. This really works!

Heat water (don’t boil it). Add the ginger slices and the rosemary. Let the mixture infuse during 5 minutes and strain. Add the lemon and the orange juices. Heat it a tiny little bit (but don’t boil!) so that the juices don’t make it colder. Add the honey and mix. Keep the tea in a thermos bottle and drink two to three mugs a day.

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