This is a space of self-presentation, a sneak peek of what inspires me and love to share. In 2002, I created Paris based organic skincare line and spa concept called DOUX ME, which I separated myself from in 2012. After this 10 years cycle, I felt the need of a new creative freedom. I wrote my first DIY beauty book SEASONS in October 2013 and launched a second edition in October 2014. A third book is baking at the moment. I create bespoke skincare and body care products, as well as fragrances and healing beauty concepts for new or existing brands, artists, designers in California, Paris and New-York. I also contribute to different beauty/health and lifestyle blogs on a regular basis. I also design my private collection called the Friends Collection. It’s what I call a gratitude, love & art collection: bespoke, handmade beauty products for people and friends who supported me in the past and still do today.
My understanding and vision of Beauty did not change much since I created my first brand. I wanted to bring something healing, clean and beautiful to the world. And wake something up in women’s beauty and health awareness. At that time, organic was a sensitive attribute and part of many conversations, mainly regarding food: eating organic was starting to be considered as health-enhancing. But organic skincare was not really a concern, except to some « freaks ». And I was one of them. Having been born and raised in Switzerland probably contributed to that sort of « green » way of thinking. My biggest claim was to say there was no difference between eating and applying a cream or any beauty products on our body: both are food for mind and body. And the way they are created and manufactured influences our health, well being and of course has tremendous consequences on our planet.
I was a beauty and health journalist, in Belgium and South Africa but I started off studying to become a psychotherapist. To help people feel better, happier, healthier. These studies helped me a lot in my personal journey and I hope I helped others along the way too. When I lived in South Africa, I embarked into Massage and Aromatherapy studies, then went on perfecting those studies in the US, just before I launched DOUX ME. I loved every aspect of creating and launching this brand. The idea came to me in 2000 while I was living in New-York and giving talks at the Aveda Institute. I was filling my fridge with my home-made creams, my cupboards with elixirs and aromatherapy body oils. It was a constant, day and night experimentation process. I never considered DOUX ME as a business but rather an Art project. As I had just started my daily Yoga practice at the time, feeling what a powerful healing art it was, this became my creative thread: each creation had to be healing, inspirational, beautiful inside and out. That is what guided me ever since. Welcome the space where I share my news, recent and past creations, inspiration, DIY beauty recipes, art and friend’s work.
Love and light,
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