Artist / Concept: Aoi Yamaguchi – Photography: May Xiong
Artist / Concept: Aoi Yamaguchi – Photography: May Xiong
Photography: Krescent Carasso
Beauty is the moments your mind adore.  
Ephemeral, eternal, infinite. 
Who you are. 
How we are.
How they are, how they were, and how they are going to be. 
The way things are, the way they sustain, age, decay, and reincarnate. 
Beauty is the nature of our presence
It resides in a breath you exhale
In the quiet glow you have in your eyes
In visions you dream, within your arms you embrace
In the words you weave, the poetry you paint
In the sounds you radiate and resonate
In the silence where your senses are awaken
The touch, scent, taste, and feel
In the dark, shadows, and lights
Of the lives we live
In the world we breathe. 
Beauty is love. Love is beauty. 
Beauty is within you.
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