Here’s an excerpt which summarizes what I attempt to do with images, in words… From the film “Meticulous Perfection“  by Katerina Jebb.

>>>Beauty is more of a light than an object.<<<

“If we journey back in time, the first thing we encounter is the Greek word for beauty.

Kalos — the sudden apparition of a form in an unexpected place.

A form appears where we would not expect it to appear.

This is beauty.

Certainly beauty is not an object.

We do not wonder in front of an object, this is not real wonder.

To reduce beauty to an object annihilates it.

Beauty reduced to an object becomes the profanation of beauty.

Still there is something in us that wants to grasp beauty, take and possess it.

And this how beauty escapes us.

It dissolves in our hands, like water trickling through our fingers.

And beauty is no longer ours.

If beauty is not an object, then what is it?

It is a light, a clearing, an opening that suddenly unfolds in our life, and allows us to see things in a new way.

Beauty is more of a light than an object.

A light that allows us to see all other objects — and also ourselves.

This is why beauty is above and beyond being an aesthetic phenomenon.

Beauty is knowledge.

Because it allows us to know ourselves and the world in a new way.”

See full film featuring Italian philosopher Guido Brivio (University of Turin) in the film “Meticulous Perfection“  by Katerina Jebb as part of the series 8 days of Persol.

Featured image: « Ceci n’est pas une femme » screenshot from the film « Shapes and Design«  © Asa Mader.


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