I don’t know how many massages I have enjoyed in my life so far, but for sure it must reach some incredible highs! I have been blessed to find « out of this world » massage therapists along the way too. But what I experienced at the Esalen Institute (which is situated on the amazing Big Sur coastline in California) was worth any superlatives I’d ever be able to find. The spa is built upon a cliff and sort of hangs over the sea. As a welcome, they let you go soak into their natural hot springs and enjoy the view on the Pacific Ocean…then take you for your massage, either outside on the terrace (which I strongly recommend you ask for!) or inside (which is cool too, as it is still open on the water). My massage experience was a real trip…Floating between two worlds for more than an hour. Rejuvenated from head to toes. In every single cell. I could go on and on…My advice: book in advance and come much ahead of the time (like an hour) so that you can take a walk in their botanical garden, realize that the view is actually for real…and spend a long relaxing time in the hot spring before your treatment.


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