I have always been drawn to beautiful sad songs when I am feeling blue….like it’s my way of getting rid of it. Going deeper and deeper in that despair is to me kind of sublime, maybe even courageous. But when I need a fast and furious shot of optimism, I listen to « I’m so beautiful » by Divine. And that always makes me think that music and humanity are not only what New Order used to write: « Power, corruption and lies », some ready-to-listen, some comfort, some Sofia Coppola, some cool, some chic. There is another way. The rebellious loud one that shakes it all up. The one that says no to anything clean and sugar-coated but yes to spontaneity. This is what Divine embodies and I find this a very clever and subversive definition of Beauty. This song makes one smile and want to love the whole planet (at least for one day).



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