I truly believe beauty is rooted from the inner depths of our souls. From the relationships we hold in our lives, our daily habits/diet, exercise, volunteering, helping a friend, being there to just listen….something that is hard for us to do today. We always want to be heard, and are constantly being bombarded with news and social media, but sometimes to just listen, be still, can change lives. I find beauty in the small things in life: a hot cup of green tea, an afternoon with my family and friends, the ability to move my body, a yoga class, a good book.  To me this is love and beauty – truly nourishing my heart, body and soul in every way. Starting from the inside, and only focusing on that, the outside will always work itself out, but you have to take care of yourself first and foremost because no one else will : 100% responsibility for ourselves. Also my favorite beauty tip: SMILE! Oh and a green juice…





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