Walking in a forest like in an exhibition, a fantasy book, a fairy tale, a movie, opening doors to new stories to tell…Look closer: the magical secular trees reveal hidden shapes and images, all genuine master pieces: human bodies and faces, animals, odd creatures, creative patterns, inspiring textures… Moving under shadow and light. Magic moments that we get to catch or miss, like in life. Enjoying any small sign, unique gifts. Being fascinated, inspired and attracted by trees. Because they live, move, feel, grow, spread, fight, and then heal, regenerate, age and finally, die. Like us. In a more powerful way. How some survive to us and live across centuries, ages. How much we depend on them. Hug a tree to feel better, put an ear close to its trunk, listening to what I imagine being the sap flooding in its veins, its heartbeat, whispering a few words like an old secret… From Broceliande to Camelot, from Midsummer Night’s Dream to the Fangorn Forest, from Fontainebleau to the Heath, from any wood to any forest of the world…


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