For me, Beauty is often planted in the now. Grown in the process. How just a moment can encompass a memory. A glimmer of being able to see the visible in the invisible.

As an artist, a plant dyer and a mother, I am often wowed by moments of indescribable beauty…

It can be witnessing the wonder of plant color, saturated true hues, gathered forward from the mundane and simmering possibility…

It can be celebrating the wonder, a unique opening, the stunning present, the hold your breath « aha » that answers you in rich golds, greens and effervescent yellows.

Beauty can be questions and resolve you may have never seen or felt before with your eyes or your being in the same way…

Or it could  be the moment when you see yourself and your whole future in your children taking in an aroma with your eyes closed in a bouquet from a garden that used to be cement.

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