Picture by Claire Cottrell

Art by Isabelle Rivoire-Grange

This book is an art book and compile of all my favorite personal DIY health and beauty recipes. It’s a team work with dear friend Isabelle Rivoire-Grange. It’s an invitation to love yourself first. I am an advocate of self-healing, creativity, experiment and complete freedom. Recipes are only interesting because they are guides, but you only are the master of your health. We can learn by ourselves, look for all the information we need to maintain a state of balance (or at least aim to it). This book is about showing different ways to create your own remedies, allowing you to reflect on how a specific aromatherapy synergy makes you feel or perhaps, on how one and only scent reminds you of a comforting moment. Then maybe this is going to become your favorite, and from that point on, there is a whole world opening up to become the « artisane » of your health. Enjoy it. Celebrate freedom. Cultivate love for yourself & others. And pursue knowledge.

Where to get SEASONS:

caroline@caroline-w.com or IG @caroline_wachsmuth