As an intuitive body worker, yoga instructor and personal trainer, I participate into your physical, spiritual and emotional well being. I am your side kick as much as you will allow me to be.




I will meet with you outside, in the comfort of your space, online or in my outdoor space. I combine all my healing tools to tailor sessions/treatments to your specific needs:


Coaching — Online, Private backyard or Outdoor Personal Training

I am a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and started strength training in 1998. This has been very transformative and proved to be complimentary to yoga and ballet. So, I chose to share this skill and experience with my clients, according to their specific needs and goals: as some of them say, I do “couture” training.


Yoga — Asanas, Breath work, Chanting
RYT instructor since 2010
I got drawn to the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system 18 years ago in Paris. It has been my daily practice ever since, as well as the basis of my teachings. I am also an eager Kundalini practitioner and often use some of its technology during my classes.


Massage Therapy — Full Body Massage using custom aromatherapy blends
I am a CAMTC Certified Massage Therapist with 20 years experience.
My techniques include Swedish, deep tissue, trigger points and functional release.


Reiki — Hands-On or Remote Energy Healing
I have received Reiki on a regular basis, since 1998. Its benefits have been extremely profound. I decided to embark on Reiki studies to bring this healing modality to all my clients.
I am a Master Reiki practitioner, Lineage of Dr. Usui. I started Level 1 at the San Francisco Reiki Center, and Reiki Level 2 from Reiki Master and Teacher Caroline Vigery, with whom I pursued to Reiki Level 3 and receive regular sessions from, as well as mentoring. Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. I channel pure energy through my hands. This energy will travel to the areas of your body that most need it for release and deep healing. It is as powerful as gentle and restores physical, emotional and spiritual well being.


Skincare — On demand skincare, fragrances and body care products.
I created the first certified organic skincare brand in Paris in 2002. I sold it in 2012 after a 10 years long tenure. Part of my craft and passions are also into advising brands and/or creating custom products for clients, both private and businesses.


Depending on your mood and needs, I can blend Reiki, Massage and custom Aromatherapy synergies within a session.

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« I have known Caroline for a long time now and have been working with her in the beauty field. I am lucky to have experienced a few aromatherapy massages and also private yoga with her just before I got pregnant last year.
It improves so much my wellbeing, I was actually not expecting it’ll improve it as much. She is one of the persons I trust the most in the field.
She is amazing! »


— Violette, Make-up Artist, NYC.




« Caroline is amazing! We do yoga, reiki, and breath work together. I recommend her extremely highly as a healer and as a person. I have learned a great deal from her and enjoy our work together immensely »


— William G, SF.




« I had the pleasure to receive bodywork from Caroline a few weeks ago. I have been going through a lot of health issues, which are causing me major discomfort and pain, both in my body, as well as emotionally. Caroline worked on my body with most patience and knowledge. Her intuitive touch combined with individually selected aromatherapy left me relaxed and rebalanced. I couldn’t be more eager to work with her again »


— Gizella Donald, Owner of Yoga Mayu, SF.




« Caroline is passionate, dedicated, knowledgeable, motivational and enthusiastic – a true professional who inspires others to go above and beyond to reach their goals. She knows exactly how to train to get the most out of body, mind and soul and she consistently incorporates new ideas to keep things fresh. As my personal trainer for the last year, she always makes the workout challenging yet enjoyable and makes sure that each session ends with a sense of accomplishment. Her unique combination of positivity, compassion and relentless drive consistently inspires great results. In addition to the superb quality of her training, Caroline has a wonderful personality and is a genuine pleasure to work with. »


— Bela S, Design, Strategy, SF.




« Caroline is such a natural healer who also works incredibly hard on her craft. I felt great going to her for massages knowing she has so many resources to tap into that she also so generously shares. I’ll be booking ahead each time I plan a trip to SF! »


— Elise C, NYC.




« I’ve been working with Caroline for a few months now and have noticed a clear improvement in my tone and abilities. She focuses heavily on precision, form, and aligning movements with breath to achieve the greatest impact from each routine. She pushes me, but with compassion towards where my body is that day. And she can quickly modify a routine based on her observations during a workout, adding in yoga or breath work as needed. I highly recommend her! »


— Seema S, San Francisco, CA.




« Caroline is a joy to work with! She will kick your ass while honoring where your body’s at. Her workouts are always personalized and intentional, you really feel she cares about your individual success! Her years of training make you feel safe and your goals attainable. »


— Rachel E, San Francisco, CA.