The Voyager Shop is a collaboration between SF Revolver shop and Austin based Spartan. It is the kind of very West Coast cool concept store, stocking a very well curated selection of fashion labels, local jewelry designers, books, magazines like Ancestors or Mint, and some interesting beauty and home items. Definitely on the edgy side, rare finds and cool people. Next to Four Barrel in the heart of the Mission, you must go if you are around:)



I love going to Baker beach, starting from the Golden Gate, walking down the lovely Land End trail. Early morning is my favorite time, just to watch the exquisite morning light rising over the bay, meet a few locals walking their dogs or jogging.


This tiny bookstore is awesome. Right at the corner from Fillmore and Jackson, I go there to find all my favorite international magazines (and they are most of the time the latest issues, not two months old), always leaving with tons of new titles. They cover art, fashion, decor, travel etc and they are super friendly!


This is the view at Cavallo Point, which always makes me think of that movie I loved when I was a teenager « An Officer and a Gentleman » (no comment;). The place is also called Fort Baker and that was a military base built before World War II.  Today, it’s a hotel, spa, gastronomic restaurant that is called Cavallo Point Lodge and that is one of the most visited spots around the Bay area. I love biking around there mostly because of the view and that almost overwhelming feeling of joy I get when I ride along incredibly gigantic trees all the way.


La Boutique is a stunning space nestled in an elegant part of town, on Jackson Street and Montgomery.

Founder Carole Harari calls it a multi-disciplinary space. And that’s exactly what it is. The best of Margiela, Valentine Gauthier, Collection 66 or Patricia Blanchet co-exist with emerging artists’ work. She organizes pop-up stores events, mixing edgy antiques, decor and creative work that she decides to curate. I think Carole really managed to give a vibrant soul to her space, thinking forward and infusing the best of European culture through her personal touch, fashion and art.


I don’t know how many massages I have enjoyed in my life so far, but for sure it must reach some incredible highs! I have been blessed to find « out of this world » massage therapists along the way too. But what I experienced at the Esalen Institute (which is situated on the amazing Big Sur coastline in California) was worth any superlatives I’d ever be able to find. The spa is built upon a cliff and sort of hangs over the sea. As a welcome, they let you go soak into their natural hot springs and enjoy the view on the Pacific Ocean…then take you for your massage, either outside on the terrace (which I strongly recommend you ask for!) or inside (which is cool too, as it is still open on the water). My massage experience was a real trip…Floating between two worlds for more than an hour. Rejuvenated from head to toes. In every single cell. I could go on and on…My advice: book in advance and come much ahead of the time (like an hour) so that you can take a walk in their botanical garden, realize that the view is actually for real…and spend a long relaxing time in the hot spring before your treatment.



That place is nestled in the forest in Big Sur and hosts musicians, poets, artists and in itself is a tribute to Henry Miller’s life and creative work. I love it there. Just hanging out and read on the terrace under the trees. Always ending up having a long conversation with a group of people. Big Sur, of course!


This is a tiny boutique on Divisadero @ Haight street in San Francisco. It’s two businesses under one roof: flowers (called studio Choo) and Magpie & Rye which is all about nature’s inspired design, home accessorize and jewellery. This is the kind of inspiring oasis in the city that I am drawn to. This one is close to my yoga studio, so that means I go there quite often to check what’s new. Always ending up buying a bunch of flowers or a little something.


I must confess there is a little bit of a love affair going on here. I have been wearing Tubéreuse 40 since they launched in New-York in 2005. Yes. I mean, coming from me who, in my world of skincare and spa products design, has a really hard time thinking beyond organically certified essential oils or isolates (these come from distilling twice to obtain a fragrance that is softer and less « medicinal »), wearing « real » perfume is a bit of a sin. But their manufacturing process is beyond sustainable: ecological packagings (refills are strongly suggested), kraft wrapping papers and boxes, small production batches and of course only the highest flower essences quality and natural most of the time…how can I say no? Thank you Fabrice and Eddie!


One of those signs used in the 60’s which speaks for itself…Coming from Europe, this was no sign I had seen before, this one is on 7th avenue. Kind of bitter sweet.

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