International Orange (named after the colour of the famous bridge) is one of my favourite spas in the city. It’s actually the first place I went to practice yoga and get a massage when I first arrived in San Francisco. I love the very cosy atmosphere there, their selection of skincare and lifestyle brands, mostly organic or natural, their treatments (they have amazing therapists), organic and eco-conscious own label and attitude. They also have a wooden patio at the back to go breathe and relax, I think this is a must.





Flora Grubb is not another flower shop. It is the ultimate green temple, nestled in a huge warehouse and not exactly in the center of the city… Flora, the creator, must have been born under a very special star. She can turn the tiniest piece of moss into a piece of art . The most enchanting flower arrangements and plants I have seen in the Bay area. I spend a lot of time there to contemplate and nourish my senses with all that beauty, always ending up having a tea outside on the patio.


I am a tea fan and that is where I can get what I really want. They have a very impressive tea menu and amazing vegeterian dishes. They have 4 restaurants in the city, all of them have the same menu but different vibes. Check the one in the Castro that is really cosy and also their recently open tea bar on Valencia street, in the Mission area.


This San Francisco based über chic chocolate label has been created by a wonderful young woman called Jewel (who by the way is a chef!). I mean…what a beautiful name and what a beautiful gift she offers to the planet: crafting organic chocolate, all produced in a sustainable way and using very special « vintage » cocoa beans in most ranges. I am not a chocolate addict at all, but these ones got me suddenly really interested into the world of that praised little bean. I also think the design is to die for. The Love range is my favourite. For the message it delivers, and of course for the taste. Who can have enough of both?



I go to the Moma very often. I get « art and beauty infused » each time. And end up on the rooftop to spend some time at the « Caffè Museo », overlooking the San Francisco Bay. This is usually very inspiring to me and tons of new ideas emerge.


Picture: Lili Barbery

The Cliff House is a landmark right by Ocean beach in San Francisco. It’s a restaurant and bar built on a cliff, litterally on the ocean. The view is just mindblowing. I find it quite romantic in the early evening. I have a special memory of this place, so I like going there sometimes, in good company…





I discovered Fraîche two years ago and I got totally excited by the idea of the founder: create the most delicious handmade organic frozen yogurts and show that it’s possible to bring the healthiest treats out of organic milk and only natural ingredients, especially here in the US where super processed ice-creams are unfortunately very popular. I also love their freshly squeezed green juices, organic teas and their recently created yummy soy frozen yogurt.



This is the place where I get the most amazing massages and energy work from my friend Erik Everts. He is a true healer and he « saved » me many times. He opened this little sanctuary a year ago and I could follow his thought process all the way and see his dream come true. I must, once again, say congratulations Erik:)





My friend Marion has transformed a big loft into a gorgeous spa where it’s tempting to spend the whole day! She offers skincare, beauty treatments and body massages, as well as a small collection of beauty brands. She regularly promotes up and coming hip artists and designers. I love you Marion!



I love to come to the little quiet beach called Schoonmaker, just down my house in Sausalito. It’s perfect to go there in the afternoon with a book or early evening with a pic-nic and friends.

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