Beauty is the weightless feeling I get when remembering that life is a magnificent journey. A journey in which I have the choice and power to embrace or contest the inevitable instances that will be presented along the way.



dennis stock nude on bed


« Be not the slave of your own past. Plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep and swim far, so you shall come back with self-respect, with new power, with an advanced experience that shall explain and overlook the old ».

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Credits from top to bottom: ABMK, Dennis stock, ABMK


Oak Tree Lyn

Nature is what is beautiful to me and this beautiful tree is symbolic of all that I love. It so deeply inspires me. I find this tree full of wisdom, after years standing watching the world change and evolve around it, but for him he stays always the same, just getting more beautiful! I love it even more as it is an oak tree, which is one of my favorite trees for its wonderful seasonal offerings of acorns and leaves in the autumn and moss when it warms. And I love the smell of warm rain on the bark in the summer.



Beauty is authenticity and vulnerability. Beauty lives in the light as well as the shadows. Beauty is all about sharing your heart in each moment, pausing to take a breath and feel alive.
Photo by Ashley Neese


Heidi HeidiL

Beauty is sun peeking through morning mist, a warm smile and genuine laughter, the journey that is life, a striped pink sunset, vintage fashion photos, lightening storms, new adventures and taking risks, stillness, 14k ft mountains, honesty, velvety vanilla ice cream, ancient textiles, roads to nowhere, handcrafted anything, integrity.



Walking in a forest like in an exhibition, a fantasy book, a fairy tale, a movie, opening doors to new stories to tell…Look closer: the magical secular trees reveal hidden shapes and images, all genuine master pieces: human bodies and faces, animals, odd creatures, creative patterns, inspiring textures… Moving under shadow and light. Magic moments that we get to catch or miss, like in life. Enjoying any small sign, unique gifts. Being fascinated, inspired and attracted by trees. Because they live, move, feel, grow, spread, fight, and then heal, regenerate, age and finally, die. Like us. In a more powerful way. How some survive to us and live across centuries, ages. How much we depend on them. Hug a tree to feel better, put an ear close to its trunk, listening to what I imagine being the sap flooding in its veins, its heartbeat, whispering a few words like an old secret… From Broceliande to Camelot, from Midsummer Night’s Dream to the Fangorn Forest, from Fontainebleau to the Heath, from any wood to any forest of the world…




I truly believe in the healing power of Beauty. When you surround yourself with Beauty, you feel happier! Beauty is not only about aesthetic, because the inside glows outside….so if you work on cultivating the right energy and feeding your soul with loving and healing, it will attract more good vibes. That’s how the universe works: by laws of attraction.What is beautiful is also reminding myself that happiness is when what we think, say and do are in harmony.



Souvenir from this Summer in Le Lot, in France


The Russel Wright’s Design Center in Garrison, New York 
Axel Vervoordt quoting Leonardo da Vinci: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
Note: the black and white portrait of Claire was taken on Elyria Canyon, Mount Washington by Lili Cuzor



What is beautiful to me is the beauty of the sky over time and space.

The shades of blue and grey, the play of shadows in the clouds, the transparency…

The sun and clouds totally change the savor of each sky, day after day.

When I used to live in Japan, the sky could take on such an intensity of blue in the winter time, it was as if every molecule in the air would become visible.

In the summer time in Europe, when the sun is about to take its final leave, I feel like diving into its blue darkness.

My eyes are forever drawn to the sky. It takes on a different face every day, a different mood and feeds me with different emotions.

This huge sky which can be at times generous and joyful, at times sad and rough.

Such emotion, such beauty.




Artist / Concept: Aoi Yamaguchi – Photography: May Xiong
Artist / Concept: Aoi Yamaguchi – Photography: May Xiong
Photography: Krescent Carasso
Beauty is the moments your mind adore.  
Ephemeral, eternal, infinite. 
Who you are. 
How we are.
How they are, how they were, and how they are going to be. 
The way things are, the way they sustain, age, decay, and reincarnate. 
Beauty is the nature of our presence
It resides in a breath you exhale
In the quiet glow you have in your eyes
In visions you dream, within your arms you embrace
In the words you weave, the poetry you paint
In the sounds you radiate and resonate
In the silence where your senses are awaken
The touch, scent, taste, and feel
In the dark, shadows, and lights
Of the lives we live
In the world we breathe. 
Beauty is love. Love is beauty. 
Beauty is within you.
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