States of decay and regeneration are intrinsic to understanding ‘what is beautiful’. The lifecycle of nature and all of its strengths and fragilities is a marvel to behold. Artist Anne Ten Donkelaar understands this well. Her ‘Broken Butterflies’ series poignantly and exquisitely illustrates the harmonious and respectful partnership that we might craft with nature. Recycling is very much a spiritual act in a time that requires us to be present, respectfully innovative, and most importantly acutely aware.


Copyright pictures: https://anneten.nl/works/16-broken-butterflies






I am so in love with this place. It is there that I manage to be completely disconnected from my daily life. It is a valley of vineyards and olive trees on a small Sicilian Island. It’s been a few years now that I go there on holidays.

This picture represents the spot where I lounge on my hammock. I can stay there for hours « listening to the silence ».  This is also the place where I spend time with the people I love, enjoying wonderful dinners. It think that nothing is more beautiful than sharing a beautiful meal with the people we love. This picture has also to do with serenity, going back to basics and sharing happy moments.





What I find most beautiful are the details.  Things that one would miss if not looking closely.  A pattern in nature, a component in architecture, the way a wisp of hair falls on the face or a sliver of warm light.  Often I find the details, bits and pieces more beautiful than the sum of their parts.





What is beautiful to me is FRIENDSHIP.

Friendship because without the love and trust in those who accept you exactly like you are, you’re lost.


© James Turrell

What is beautiful… How could I possibly give a simple answer to such a question?

What I find beautiful is what fills my eyes and moves my heart. Light. Emotions.

This might explain why I chose to work in a field where aesthetics is of a large importance. And what I find the most inspiring is Fine Arts, either contemporary or classical, either visual arts, music or movies. Art influences everybody’s life, whether they know it or not. Art is not only beautiful to our eyes, it is visionary.

The images above represent James Turrell’s installations. I love the way he works with colors and perceptions. This is pure beauty.
Following is one of my favorite cinema scenes from La Notte by Michelangelo Antonioni.
« Uno per me! »




My reminder that wherever we are right now, it’s beautiful. By uber talented South African designer Heath Nash, this is a hanger made out of recycled wires. I bought it almost 12 years ago in Cape Town at his studio, and I cherish it as a piece of art. It is so simple and so full of meanings. It says « it’s beautiful here ». LOVE. HEATH. NASH.


Beauty is ephemeral – hard to define and even harder to freeze or tie down… most often, when I manage to capture something that I find beautiful, it is usually a mixture of my vision and a lucky accident.  I succeed as an artist when I create something that I return to over and over again and it never becomes familiar – its message changes as we interact, and I learn something new, see something new, and find unexpected beauty, yet again in a different way.


What is beautiful to me is to STAY FREE. I chose this double picture because it evokes the idea of freedom, of weightlessness. And this also means allowing oneself to dream often, to free our mind wherever we are, feet and head in the clouds! No gravity, no obligation = ultimate freedom.

Copyright: Dion




I took this picture in 2009, at the little seaside resort of Isse in Japan.

Here, Beauty is the connection between some poetry made by man’s hand, a consumerist, chemical object that is showing up as a pink, innocent Tap Ball and a real, very much alive form of poetry which is the Isse river.

And all of this is held by a very simple and soft gesture from a dad bringing a toy back to his daughter and by a hand position that reminds one of « The creation of Adam » by Michelangelo.

Beauty is the confrontation of two worlds which are actually one. This paradox can be defined as « violence », according to different sensibilities.


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